7' 0" x 6' 8" 1/2 Lite, No Rating, Panic, Low‐E, Left Hand Outswing (Right Door Active), Beast No‐Rot, 4 9/16", US15 ‐ Brushed Nickel

Sale price$4,500.00


7' 0" x 6'8" 2236-010-X Double Door with Transom

Transom 7'2" X 1'6"


Outswing Handing

No Brickmold

NRP Hinges

Touch Bar Vertical Rod + Lever Handle + Keyed Cylinder Function


Key Alike Keying

Barrier Free Closer

ADA Outswing Sill

Exterior Astragal

Transportation Handles


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Product Category: Multi‐Function Commercial Doors
Manufacturer: Shuster's Building Components ‐ Multi‐Function Commercial
Configuration: Double Door
Rectangular IG Transom: Rectangle
Material: High Definition Steel Edge 20 Gauge
Multi‐Function Use: Panic + Heavy Duty Closer Reinforcing
Fire Rating: No Rating
Slab Width: 7' 0"
Slab Height: 6' 8"
Rectangular IG Transom Height: 1' 6"
Actual Width: 7' 2"
Actual Height: 8' 3 1/8"
Rough Opening Width: 7' 2 1/2"
Rough Opening Height: 8' 3 5/8"
Door Style: 1/2 Lite
Door Panel Design: No Panel
Glass Type: Low‐E
Door Grille Type: No Grilles
Door Lite Frame: Traditional
Model: 2236‐010‐X
Transom Glass Type: Low‐E
Transom Grille Type: No Grilles
Handing: Left Hand Outswing (Right Door Active)
Jamb Width: 4 9/16"
Jamb Type: Beast No‐Rot
Brickmold Application: No Brickmold
Exterior Panel(s) Finish Type: Unfinished
Exterior Jamb Finish Type: Unfinished
Interior Panel(s) Finish Type: Unfinished
Interior Jamb Finish Type: Unfinished
Interior Casing Set: No
(4") Hinge Type: NRP
Hinge Finish: US15 ‐ Brushed Nickel
Prep of Door: Panic
Panic Finish: US28 ‐ Sprayed Aluminum
Function Combination: Touch Bar Vertical Rod + Lever Handle + Keyed Cylinder
Keying: Key Alike
Closer: Barrier Free
Closer Finish: US28 ‐ Sprayed Aluminum
Closer Application: Parallel Arm Mounting (Push Side)
Sill Type: ADA Outswing
Sill Size: 5 5/8"
Sill Finish: Mill
Astragal: Exterior Astragal
Astragal Color: White
Mail Slot: None
Kick Plate: None
Weatherstrip Color: Tan
Transportation Handles: Yes
3/6 Door Designs will have Wide Stiles.

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