Amerimax -K Style White Aluminum Gutter Inside Miter 5"

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Amerimax -K Style White Aluminum Gutter Inside Miter 5" 


  • Designed to join two gutter lengths at a 90 degree inside corner
  • Robust aluminum build and baked on white finish provide longevity
  • Compatible with 5 in. gutter systems

The Amerimax 5 in. Aluminum Inside Mitre is made of aluminum and has a factory baked-on finish. It is designed to allow 2 pieces of gutter to continue along an inside roof-line junction.

  • Baked-on finish for low maintenance
  • Connect to gutter with 2 seamers or slip joint connectors (not included)
  • Attach with screws or pop rivets (not included)
  • Use to turn an inside corner in a run of 5 in. white, aluminum gutter
  • Requires sealant (not included)

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