Milwaukee 7" Rafter Square MLSQ070

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Milwaukee 7" Rafter Square MLSQ070


Our 7" Rafter Square has a stronger frame and is the most versatile rafter angle square. Scribe notches from 1" - 6" allow you to easily and accurately rip lumber. A 1" cutout in the rafter square helps prop pipe allowing you to cut it more easily on the job site. A reinforced frame gives you more durability on the job site while high visibility laser etched markings make the square easier to read.


(1) 7" Rafter Square(MLSQ070)



  • Scribe Notches from 1" - 6"
  • 1" Cutout Props Pipe
  • High Visibility Laser Etched Markings
  • 1-1/8th Heel
  • Made in USA
  • Precision machined extruded aluminum


Material Composition Aluminum
Length 7.25 in
Weight 0.481 lb
Height 7.25 in
Width 1.125 in

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