Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Drive Guide Set - 12PC -- 48-32-4507

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Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Drive Guide Set - 12PC -- 48-32-4507


The MILWAUKEE® SHOCKWAVE™ Impact Magnetic Drive Guide is engineered for extreme durability and up to 30x life. The magnetic drive guide set features optimized Shockzones™ that absorb peak torque and prevent them from breaking. Each Custom Alloy76 Steel drive guide has a stainless steel sleeve that slides over the fastener for improved stability. The drive guide barrels have laser etched depth gauges for increased fastener control. The Milwaukee magnetic drive guide holds fasteners to the guide with a C-ring to retain the insert bit for maximum efficiency.


(1)ECX™ Bit 1” #1
(1)ECX™ Bit 1” #2
(2)Phillips Bit 1" P2
(1)Phillips Bit 1" P3
(1)Slotted Bit 1" SL 1/4"
(1)Slotted Bit 1" SL 3/16"
(1)Square Bit 1" SQ2
(1)TORX® Bit 1" T15
(1)TORX® Bit 1" T20
(1)TORX® Bit 1" T25
(1)SHOCKWAVE™ 3" Magnetic Bit Tip Holder

    • Optimized Shockwave™ absorbs peak torque and prevents breaking
    • Stainless Steel Sleeve extends for improved fastener stability
    • Laser Etched Depth Gauge for increased fastener control
    • Magnet holds fasteners to the drive guide
    • C-ring retains the insert bit
    • Custom Alloy76™ Steel maximizes resistance to wear and shock
  • Includes: (1) ECX™ Bit 1” #1, (1) ECX™ Bit 1” #2, (2) Phillips Bit 1" P2, (1) Phillips Bit 1" P3, (1) Slotted Bit 1" SL 1/4",(1) Slotted Bit 1" SL 3/16", (1) Square Bit 1" SQ2, (1) TORX® Bit 1" T15, (1) TORX® Bit 1" T20, (1) TORX® Bit 1" T25, (1) SHOCKWAVE™ 3" Magnetic Bit Tip Holder


Pack Qty 12 Pack

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