PIC LED-RR Rodent Repeller Bulb, 9 W, Led Lamp, 550 Lumens

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Key Features Medium base Use with or without LED Damp-rated Silent to human ears and non-rodent pets The sonic waves produced by the Zapplight? (r) LED light bulb and sonic rodent repeller are silent to human ears and non-rodent pets and repels up to 400 sq-ft and above. Sonic waves emit from the bulb, irritating rodents, causing them to leave the area. A discreet red indicator light shows you when it is repelling whether the LED light is on or off and replaces standard light bulbs in your home. The light bulb that repels rodents. Silent to humans and non-rodent pets. Use with or without LED. Damp rated. Replaces standard bulbs. Sonic signal reaches up to 400 square feet. 555 lumens.
1PK-PIC LED-RR Repeller Rodent Sonic/Led 2n1

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