Style: TruFuel 4 cycle (gray) -- 4.75gallon
Sale price$119.99




TRUFUEL® is the first ready-to-use, high-octane fuel specifically engineered for your 2-cycle and 4-cycle equipment. We use the most advanced synthetic lubricants and stabilizers in an ethanol-free fuel that improves performance, protects your equipment, and saves you valuable time. TRUFUEL® is backed by significant research & development, as well as our own personal use in leading equipment including Stihl®, Husqvarna® and Echo® over the past 12 years since inception. TruFuel® is engineered and tested to meet or exceed the fuel specifications required by these great brands, and the performance shows! If someone tries to tell you otherwise, please point them to the hundreds of millions of happy usage occasions and informative, credible reviews… and kindly suggest they tune up their engine, cleaning out the harmful deposits left by traditional station gas & 2-cycle oil before they replace with TRUFUEL®, engineered to ensure you enjoy maximum performance from your outdoor power equipment.

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