Pocket Hose Copper Bullet 3/4 in. D Medium Duty Expandable Flexible Garden Hose + Sprayer

Size: 50ft
Sale price$42.54


Product Overview
The #1 expanding hose in the world just got better with incredible innovations. Lightweight and hassle-free, our brand-new Pocket Hose Copper Bullet is the first and only Pocket Hose infused with real copper. Just like the copper plumbing inside your walls, this lightweight hose helps keep your water outside. Plus, the connectors are 20% larger and feature an ultra-durable ABS connector protector. Now made with 3x stronger anti-tear exterior fabric and an inner tube with three layers of tough latex, you never have to worry about or tears. Just turn on the water and watch Copper Bullet go in just a few seconds, it grows to a full-size 3/4-inch power hose. When you're finished, just turn the water off and the Copper Bullet squeezes itself dry as it puts itself away. The Pocket Hose Spray Nozzle features 10 precision spray patterns, from misting delicate flowers to blasting away dirt from your patio furniture. The ergonomic handle and thumb control lever allows you to adjust the water pressure with just one hand, making it easy to use. Designed to prevent leaks and drips, you can say goodbye to messy watering sessions. Changing the spray pattern is as easy as turning a dial, and the non-slip handle ensures a comfortable grip even when things get wet.
  • The interior hose is made with three thick layers of latex tubing so it's anti-burst
  • The exterior is 3 times stronger with a seamless anti-tear fabric outer shell
  • Oversized lead-free copper-infused connectors fit any standard outdoor faucet
  • 3 spray modes provide flexibility for any setting with a premium rubber gasket to prevent leaks
  • The lightweight expandable hose grows to a full-powered 3/4" garden hose in seconds
  • It's hassle-free never kinks knots, or tangles and coils up for easy storage
  • Grows from pocket size to supersize
  • Soft and flexible exterior is easy to maneuver
  • Drinking water safe, allows for easy storage in a drawer or on a shelf
  • Shrinks itself dry and back to pocket size after use

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