Stinger FP15-CR Flat Panel Insect Zapper, 1000 V, 15 W, Black Lamp

Sale price$37.99


The Stinger® insect zapper attracts and kills annoying flying insects, resulting in a more pleasant outdoor environment for you and your family. Don't let bugs ruin your barbeques, campouts, picnics and other summer fun. A must have for the outdoor lover, the Stinger® insect zapper will help you make the most of all your summer events.


Coverage Area    :    1/2 acre
Housing Material    :    Plastic
Indoor/Outdoor    :    Outdoor
Lamp Color    :    Black
Voltage Rating    :    1000 V
Wattage Rating    :   

15 W


  • Innovative slim flat panel design has 50% more kill area and reduces clogging
  • Continuous zapping power with ultraviolet light has been proven effective against a wide range of insects
  • Whole yard coverage, great for small yards up to 1/2 acre
  • Easy-to-use, no tanks, bags or mess
  • Outer enclosure prevents children, pets, birds and wildlife from contacting the electric grid
  • Made from durable, weather-proof plastic for years of dependable service and use with NOsquito® octenol replacement lure increases the attractant of mosquitoes and biting flies


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